Digital classroom



iGlobal makes it possible for you to learn on the go where ever you are. Our distance learning technology can stream classes to a desktop or mobile device at a time that suits you. When you enrol, you will receive a personalised student portal. Your student portal houses your lessons, notes and additional learning resources so that your courses are with you all the time.

Our courses

You can choose from a growing library of courses and tutorials on a wide range of ‘how-to’ topics. Each course typically comes with:

  • Video tutorials
  • Class handouts
  • A learning mentor
  • Assignments
  • Certificates of completion

Some of our courses are heavily supervised and involve weekly interactions with a learning mentor. Others are self-supervising and can be studied at leisure. Most sit in between these two positions with light supervision.

Enrol in 4 easy steps

  • Step 1 – Complete your learning needs analysis form here: This will form the basis of your conversation with a designated learning needs mentor.
  • Step 2 – Have a telephone induction with your learning mentor to determine a bespoke package for you, a schedule of classes and dates for review.
  • Step 3 – Your schedule of classes and mentor reviews will be sent to you.
  • Step 4 – Create an account on our ‘Student Portal’ and wait 24 hours to be confirmed and upgraded by our admin team.

Then enjoy your lessons!