About us

iCAN Global Academy


One-stop personal development

Absolutely no one is serious about success who is not equally serious about self-improvement. Success, by any definition, is the reflection of your skills. The key to winning at anything in life is to acquire, develop and master the strategic skills you need in order to achieve your goals and then to continue making improvements as you go. Strategic personal development is therefore the fast track to professional success. Without it you don’t stand a chance in the emerging world.

Christ-centred personal development

During the great depression, many gospel ministers fused their theology with psychology to create a philosophy of success. This helped millions to rise above despair and fast became an industry complete with books, events, audios and seminars. Today the personal development industry is booming as more and more people are seeking to help themselves. However this beautiful fusion of theology and psychology was later hijacked by the new age movement and is today associated with mystical energies as opposed to a living God. It is our mission to reclaim this field by putting the Bible back in the picture called personal development.

Because God has called each of us to impact our world in a big way, our tuition and technology is designed to deliver the know-how to serious players with big dreams.

The ‘how-to’ Academy!

iGA is a ‘how-to’ academy committed to equipping future and current leaders with the ‘know-how’ for professional success. Although we live in an information age in which knowledge is readily available over the internet; we have targeted a few critical skills for success and translated them into mobile tutorials so you can learn on the go.

There are a number of critical skills that will give you an advantage in the marketplace. These skills are seldom taught in schools because they are the keys to leadership in every field and would threaten the status quo if too many people valued or mastered them.

What would you do if you knew how?

Would you write a book? Grow a business? Start a ministry? Change your career? Whatever it is you want to do with your professional career or ministry; iGA is here to show you how!

Bespoke learning:

Because learning is an individual outcome based on personal needs, we want to customize your learning experience by starting out with a learning needs analysis. As an enrolled student you will be assigned a learning mentor who will work with you to create a personal development plan that is based on your needs and goals. Your mentor will make recommendations and put together a package that works with your time and budget.

Our courses

You can choose from a growing library of courses and tutorials on a wide range of ‘how-to’ topics. Each course typically comes with:

  • Video tutorials
  • Class handouts
  • A learning mentor
  • Assignments
  • Certificates of completion

Some of our courses are heavily supervised and involve weekly interactions with a learning mentor. Others are self-supervising and can be studied at leisure. Most sit in between these two positions with light supervision.