Admissions Policy

  1. Policy Aim

1.1 ICAN Global Academy is a mobile Academy offering distance learning opportunities and aims to offer a broad range of courses to a varied learner population, and to ensure that learners are appropriately matched to a program of study and make informed choices about their future direction. The Academy will apply the principles inherent in this policy statement to all learners, including full time, part time and those on apprenticeship programs

1.2 The Ministry is committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for all persons seeking to study with the Academy and welcomes applications and enrolments from all individuals with the potential to succeed.

  1. Policy Statements

2.1 The Academy will ensure that potential learners will receive advice and guidance from the Guidance Services team and/or Program Leaders in order to help learners decide on the course of study best suited to their needs.

2.2 Opportunities for students to view the online Academy and its services prior to the commencement of a course will be organised by holding ‘promos, ‘Taster courses’ or ‘Enrolment Events’.

2.4 Entry requirements will vary between programs of study. However, each program will have a clear statement on entry requirements and this will be displayed in the Program Information Leaflet. Existing Academy students applying to undertake a further program of study are required to fulfill the relevant entry criteria and follow the admissions procedure.

2.5 Entry criteria may be varied at the discretion of the Program Leader, particularly where experience may be deemed to stand in place of certification.

2.6 The Academy reserves the right to request references and/or school reports for a potential learner depending upon the course/apprenticeship they are applying for and may choose to interview for certain program once the relevant references and/or school reports have been returned.

2.8 The Academy reserves the right to refuse admission to an applicant/learner who has previously been excluded from this or any other educational institution. Persons previously excluded will be interviewed prior to their re-entry into the Academy.

2.9 The Academy reserves the right not to admit an individual who previously attended the Academy but failed to make sufficient effort towards successfully completing their studies.

2.10 The Academy recognises it has a duty of care to learners and staff, thus reserves the right not to admit a learner where there is evidence that they could be a threat or danger to others.

2.11 The Academy reserves the right not to admit a learner who has any outstanding debts with the Academy.

2.12 The Academy requires that learners are funded by a government body, themselves or another body in order that the Academy receives payment for the cost of studying.

2.13 Applicants for full-time programs, apprenticeships and those part-time programs requiring an interview shall be made aware of the stage their application has reached and will receive replies to all correspondence within ten days of its receipt by the Academy.

2.14 All relevant applicants for full-time programs, apprenticeships or part-time programs requiring an interview will be interviewed. At the interview, the learner’s program choice will be discussed and a provisional agreement reached on the most appropriate program of study.

2.15 Applicants for full-time programs, apprenticeships or part-time programs requiring an interview shall receive a letter informing them of the interview decision within ten working days, providing relevant references and/or school reports have been returned.

2.16 Learners who attend an admissions interview will receive written confirmation if an offer is appropriate.

2.17 All offers of places and enrolments at the Academy are made on the basis of: • There being sufficient demand for the course offered • There being sufficient spaces available on the course concerned • Meeting the entry requirements of the chosen course as specified in the Program Information Leaflet • Appropriate employment being secured for apprenticeship programs

2.18 Learners may be offered alternative studies, added to waiting lists or advised of other institutions where the course is offered.

2.19 Offers for full-time programs, apprenticeships and those part-time programs requiring an interview may have conditions eg on obtaining certain exam results.

2.20 For those programs not requiring an interview, learners may enroll with a learning agreement and are not required to complete an application form.

2.21 To be officially enrolled a learner must have completed an ‘enrolment form’, had the enrolment form signed by an appropriate member of staff and committed to the appropriate fee, unless they are eligible for fee remission. This is an important contractual stage in the admissions process.

2.23 The Academy is committed to supporting disabled learners with learning difficulties in accordance with the Equality and Diversity Policy.

2.24 Information collected in the admission and enrolment processes will adhere to the current legislation concerning data protection.

2.25 Learners who wish to appeal against any decision made during the admissions and enrolment process should contact the Assistant Director of Student Recruitment & Marketing.

2.26 The Executive Director responsible for Admissions is responsible for monitoring this policy and will provide reports and recommendations to the Executive and Ministry Board as appropriate.

2.27 The Ministry of ICAN Global Academy actively supports and promotes equality and diversity in all matters relating to education and employment. Consequently the Ministry aims to identify and eliminate attitudes, practices and procedures which discriminate against people on grounds of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, religion/belief, gender re-assignment, social background, marital status, nationality/citizenship or any personal characteristic of the individual(s) and the actions or comments are viewed as demeaning and unacceptable to the recipient.

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